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Hearing Healthcare at Best Life Hearing Center

We offer a wide range of diagnostic hearing services to thoroughly evaluate your hearing loss and to help you manage it with hearing aids. Our audiologist works with patients of all ages to help them have an improved quality of life through better hearing. From pediatric hearing evaluations to tinnitus management, our staff are experts on your hearing health. Make an appointment today and see how we can help you live your best life.

Hearing exam at Best Life Hearing Center

Hearing Test

The first step towards better hearing is a comprehensive hearing test. We will evaluate your hearing to determine the degree and type of hearing loss you may have. We begin with an otoscopic examination by looking inside your ears to ensure your ear drum looks healthy. Once we’ve ensured there is no wax build-up or ear infection present then we will move onto the next part of the hearing test. We will evaluate your ability to hear different tones and frequencies and record your results on an audiogram.

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Pediatric Evaluations

We offer complete pediatric evaluations for children ages 1 year and older. Our pediatric evaluation includes immittance testing and distortion product otoacoustic emissions testing. Our audiologist has extensive experience helping children. In addition, we also work in conjunction with local pediatricians and pediatric ENT’s, to provide your child with the best care possible. If you are concerned about your child’s hearing or development, contact us today.

Pediatric Evaluations at Best Life Hearing Center
Real ear measures at Best Life Hearing Center

Real-Ear Measurements

At Best Life Hearing Center, we will expertly fit and program your hearing aids to your individual hearing needs. Using real-ear measurement, we will fit your hearing aids to the exact size and shape of your ear. Once your hearing aids are fitted to your unique ear shape we will then measure the sound pressure level to ensure you can hear your absolute best.

Unlike other audiologists or hearing practices who use the hearing aid manufacturers pre-set programing, we use real-ear measurement to provide you with the best fit possible. Because everyone’s hearing ability is different, and every ear size and shape is unique, we use the best method to ensure your hearing aids are customized to you.

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Hearing Aid Repair

We can help you diagnose any problems with your hearing aids and fix them so you can continue living your best life. Depending on how damaged your hearing aid is we may have to send the device to the manufacturer for repairs. However, most issues can be fixed in-office. The price of repairs is dependent on the cost of replacing parts and if your hearing aids are still in their warranty.

We understand your hearing is essential to your everyday life, that’s why we will do our best to get your hearing aids functioning their best for you again.

Some common hearing aid repairs include:

  • Repair of the battery door
  • Repair of the battery compartment due to corrosion
  • Tubing replacement
  • Reprogramming of the hearing aid
  • Replacement of domes
  • Deep cleaning

Repair of the battery door.
Repair of the battery compartment due to corrosion.
Tubing replacement.
Reprogramming of the hearing aid.
Replacement of domes.
Deep cleaning.

Repairing Hearing Aids at Best Life Hearing Center
Woman with tinnitus in Meriden, CT

Tinnitus Assessment

Tinnitus, commonly known as “ringing in the ears,” can be incredibly disruptive. Anyone can experience tinnitus, even if they don’t have hearing loss. Our team has extensive experience helping patients manage their tinnitus. We will work with you to discover the cause of your tinnitus and to create a treatment plan that will help alleviate the ringing in your ears.

Custom Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears is a crucial part of taking care of your hearing. We make custom hearing protection to protect your ears and hearing from loud noise. We will take an impression of your ear to create a custom ear-mold that will fit the exact shape of your ear.

One of the most common types of hearing loss is noise-induced hearing loss. Wearing hearing protection is essential to keeping your hearing and your ears healthy. Whenever you are exposed to loud noise you should wear hearing protection. Whether you are attending a live concert, mowing the lawn, or hunting, wearing hearing protection will keep your ears safe.

We also offer musicians hearing protection which are specifically designed for music lovers and musicians. Musician’s ear plugs will protect your hearing when you’re on stage or at a concert, while allowing you to hear the music without sound seeming muffled. Ask us about our custom hearing protection and how we can help you hear your best.

Man playing guitar with ear custom protection in Cheshire, CT
Hearing Aid Accessories at Best Life Hearing Center

Assistive Listening Devices

Sometimes hearing aids are not enough. Assistive listening devices (ALDs) offer a little more help with everyday tasks. ALDs are used along with hearing aids to offer the wearer more support. They make it easier for the wearer to hear in public places and to better understand speech. Many patients wear an ALD to hear better over the phone, or children with hearing loss use them to hear better in the classroom. Many ALDs have Bluetooth technology to make everyday use even easier and more convenient.

There are many types of ALDs available at our practice, and we would be happy to help you find the perfect match for your hearing needs. We have the following types of ALDs available at our office:

  • Personal amplifiers
  • Television Streaming Devices
  • Remote Microphones
  • Wireless FM Systems
  • Bluetooth-enabled devices

Personal amplifiers
Television Streaming Devices
Remote Microphones
Wireless FM Systems
Bluetooth-enabled devices

Cerumen Removal

Cerumen (earwax) can build-up inside the ear canal and cause a blockage. A build-up of cerumen can cause you discomfort and can affect your hearing ability. At Best Life Hearing Center, we can safely and effectively remove cerumen in our office to help you hear better. Our cerumen removal services are quick and painless.

Woman who just received Cerumen Removal

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