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We carry a variety of hearing aids to help you hear your best.


At Best Life Hearing Center, we carry hearing aids from each of the leading manufacturers, to give you more options. We understand how important hearing is to you, that’s why we stay up to date on the latest hearing technology. Because we are a private practice, we have the ability to work with any manufacturer we want to. Working with the leading hearing aid brands allows us to carry more devices and have a better chance of fitting you with the best device for your individual needs.


With so many options available today it can feel overwhelming deciding which hearing aids will be the best fit for you. At our hearing aid centers, we’ll be with you through every step of the selection process. Based on your degree of hearing loss, the types of environments you’re in most, and your dexterity, we will make a recommendation on what hearing aid we believe will be best for you. Our hearing specialists stay up to date with the latest hearing aid technology to better help you find the best device for your unique hearing needs.

Hearing Aid line up at Best Life Hearing Center in Wallingford, CT


We carry a large selection of hearing aids for sale at all our office locations, including:

RIC Hearing aids
BTE Hearing Aids
CIC Hearing Aids
ITC Hearing Aids
ITE Hearing Aids
IIC Hearing Aids
OpenBTE Hearing Aids


If you’re a first-time hearing aid wearer, then the adjustment process can take some time. Just as your hearing didn’t deteriorate overnight, it will take some time for you to adjust to hearing sounds again. Hearing sounds again can seem overwhelming, that’s why we gradually adjust the amplification of your devices so you can get used to hearing again. We want you to be comfortable with your hearing aids, that’s why we help you through the adjustment period and offer ongoing support.

The best way to adjust to your hearing aids is to wear them as much as possible. The more often you wear your hearing aids, the quicker you will adjust to hearing sounds again. It’s important to be patient and continue wearing your devices on a regular basis.

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Hearing aids have advanced immensely over the years. In fact, many hearing aids are now completely rechargeable and Bluetooth connective. With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you won’t have to worry about your hearing aids dying unexpectedly. Rechargeable hearing aids are easy and convenient to use. Simply place your hearing aids on their charging station at night and in the morning when you wake up, you’ll have fully charged devices! Many manufacturers now offer Bluetooth hearing aids. With Bluetooth, you can connect your hearing aids to your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV to stream phone calls, music, and other audio.

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Oticon Real™

Your Hearing Matters

Sounds like laughing, a cheering crowd, or even a simple conversation with a loved one helps shape our lives, adding richness to all our experiences. They keep us connected to each other, and aware of what’s going on around us. When your brain lacks access to the real sounds of life due to hearing loss, it’s forced to work harder to fill in the gaps, which can lead to missing out.

Now you can get back the real sounds of life – precise and balanced – with Oticon RealTM. Oticon RealTM gives you access to the full sound scene, so you can stay aware, engaged, and at your best whether you’re at work, dining with friends, or enjoying outdoor activities. By focusing on supporting the brain’s natural ability to process sounds around us, Oticon RealTM provides a richer sound experience*.

Oticon RealTM delivers:

  • Technology that supports how the brain naturally processes sounds
  • Better access to the full sound scene
  • Increased awareness, engagement, and focus in the real world

*O’Sullivan, J., et al. (2019); Hausfeld, L., et al. (2018); Puvvada, K. C. & Simon, J. Z. (2017)


Sometimes hearing aids aren’t enough. Assistive listening devices (ALDs) offer a little more help with everyday tasks. ALDs are used along with hearing aids to offer more support. They make it easier for the wearer to hear in public places and to better understand speech. Many patients wear an ALD to hear better over the phone, or children with hearing loss use them to hear better in the classroom. Many ALDs have Bluetooth technology to make everyday use even easier and more convenient.

We have the following types of ALDs available at our offices:

• Personal Amplifiers
• Television Streaming Devices
• Remote Microphones
• Wireless FM Systems
• Bluetooth-Enabled Devices

Child with hearing loss in a classroom with other students in Wallingford, CT


Your hearing aids are able to provide you with better hearing, so you can feel confident rejoining the conversation and hear what’s important. That’s why it’s important to keep your hearing aids well protected and safe. Ear Gear creates cases, covers, and cleaners to keep your hearing aids functioning their best. Ear Gear has been supporting the hearing loss community for over 15 years. Their mission is to help anyone with hearing loss live their life to the fullest. Shop protective hearing aid accessories .

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