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Hearing Coach

I am a hearing coach. Yes, I am an audiologist but a very important part of what I do is “coach” my patients on how to manage their hearing loss. You may be thinking why do I need a hearing coach? There is plenty of information about hearing loss available however it can be overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes a patient comes in for a test and although the test reveals a significant hearing deficit, that patient is not ready for amplification. And even when they are ready to move forward, hearing aids are amazing little things but they are never a complete solution. It is my job to guide the patient through their journey to acceptance and then gently nudge them toward action. Change can be difficult even if you know a change will be good for you.

In my own life, I utilize both a health and fitness coach and a business coach. They both have expertise in their respective fields that I don’t have. They help me clarify my vision, set goals, and create actionable steps to achieve those goals. They hold me accountable, help me navigate personal blind spots, and keep me focused. In short, they support my efforts and help me get where I want to be faster; and that’s what I want to do for you.

As your hearing coach, I will:
• Help you identify the goals you have that motivate you to treat your hearing loss
• Identify obstacles and barriers to achieving those goals
• Provide personalized recommendations to address your hearing concerns
• Support you as you are getting accustomed to amplification
• Empower you to advocate for yourself in challenging listening environments
• Hold you accountable for wearing your devices consistently
• Check in on a regular basis and steer you back on track when necessary
Let me help you achieve your hearing goals. Schedule your appointment today.