Don’t Wait Another Minute

This clock hangs on my office wall. It’s a cheap $5 clock I picked up at Ocean State Job Lot because I thought it would look cute in my new office at the time. That was 5 years ago and I have since opened my own practice and have a new office. That clock came with me.

You might be wondering why I am talking about a clock in an audiology blog. Well, that clock has moved many of my patients to take the step toward better hearing. I’ll explain.

The clock makes a fairly loud ticking sound, so loud in fact that when I first hung it on the wall I wasn’t sure I would keep it. I soon discovered that the ticking sound of a clock was a powerful demonstration tool. Over and over as I placed hearing aids on my patients they would remark that they were hearing a ticking sound. I simply point to the clock on the wall and the reactions are priceless! Often they are shocked because prior to wearing the hearing devices they had not heard the clock at all.

As an audiologist, I do my best to explain the audiogram to my patients and the everyday impact of their hearing loss. There is nothing I can say however that makes as much of an impact as the patient hearing the difference for themselves. The ticking sound of that clock is a reminder of the sounds they have been missing, the sounds of life.

If you suspect you have hearing loss, don’t wait another minute to do something about it.