Exterior of an airplane wing

Tips for Traveling on an Airplane When You Have Hearing Loss

On a flight this past week I noticed just how loud it is in the cabin of an airplane! I was having trouble hearing the announcements of the flight attendants and pilot. I was also imagining how hearing loss would impact me in this scenario.

In light of the fact that more and more people are anxious to travel, I thought I’d share some tips for traveling on an airplane when you have hearing loss:

  • Notify the airline of your hearing impairment when booking your ticket.
  • Alert the flight attendant about your hearing loss and request that you are made aware of announcements.
  • Wear your hearing aids if you have them. You can wear them through security and on the airplane.
  • If traveling with a companion with whom you’d like to converse during the flight, consider a remote microphone that is compatible with your hearing aids.