a sihlouette of a mouth with a blue sound wave coming from it

The Way Your Voice Sounds

The first thing most people say when they initially try hearing aids is “my own voice sounds weird” or some variation of that.

There are two reasons this happens:

1. You physically have something in your ears. Try putting your fingers in your ears and talking. Yup, your voice sounds different. With any hearing aid, we are at least partially occluding your ear canal and that affects the way your voice sounds to you (not to anyone else, by the way).

2. You are hearing your voice through the microphones and speaker of the hearing aids. It’s a bit like hearing your voice on an answering machine. It sounds terrible to you, right? There’s a name for this phenomenon. It’s called voice confrontation.

At the beginning you may think you will never get used it but your brain is an amazing thing. You will adapt to the new way your voice sounds, sometimes within hours and sometimes it will take longer but it will be worth it for the benefits of better hearing!