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Woman on computer using telehealth in Meriden, CT

How Telehealth Can Work for Hearing Healthcare

Whether you are looking to reduce your in-office time due to Covid concerns or are a busy professional who feels you just do not have time to take care of your hearing health, our virtual office and remote hearing aid programming are the solution for you.

Step 1: Schedule a virtual appointment to meet with one of our audiologists. You can schedule here: Scheduler – Best Life Hearing Center. We will discuss your hearing concerns and walk you through a virtual hearing screening. We will then review your screening results and make recommendations on your next steps. If warranted, we can start a discussion of hearing aid technology.

Step 2:  Unless your screening was normal, we will schedule an in-office appointment. While telehealth has been invaluable during this challenging time, there are still some things we need to do in person to be able to set you up for success with hearing devices. See what we are doing to keep you safe: Re-Opening Safety Protocols || Best Life Hearing Center – YouTube. We will look in your ears for wax or evidence of any medical conditions. We will perform a complete diagnostic audiological evaluation so we can fully understand the scope and nature of your hearing loss and be able to address it effectively in your treatment plan. Because of our previous virtual meeting, in most cases we will be able to proceed with your hearing aid fitting in the same appointment saving time and minimizing visits. We will then prepare you and your devices so that future hearing aid adjustments can be made remotely if that is what you prefer.

Step 3: Enjoy the sounds of life! We will follow up with a virtual appointment or phone call to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. If you require in-office follow up, we have protocols in place for your safety and convenient early morning or late appointment times.

Here is what Vanessa H. of Plantsville had to say about her virtual experience::
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I had a virtual hearing screening with Dr. Jennifer via her online system and it was great! I loved having a way to get my questions answered without having to go out and potentially be exposed to the virus. The screening was very simple and easy to understand, and the controls were very easy to operate with both my computer mouse and laptop track pad. Dr. Jennifer went over the results of my screening immediately and we were able to determine next steps all in the same appointment. It felt very efficient and I felt very well cared-for. Thanks Dr. Jennifer!”

Communication and connection are more important than ever. Schedule your virtual appointment today!