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Speaker talking to class in Meriden, CT

Speech Comprehension & Hearing

Speech Comprehension and Hearing Hearing loss doesn’t only effect the volume at which we hear, but our ability to understand speech as well. Hearing loss affects our speech comprehension because it hinders our ability to hear clearly and to make out certain sounds and syllables. When you can’t hear well because of hearing loss, your …

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Mother and daughter hugging in Meriden, CT

Tips For Family

Supporting Your Loved One with Hearing Loss Hearing aids provide numerous benefits that can improve the wearer’s quality of life. Yet many people still have doubts about addressing hearing loss and making this change. If your family member has started to experience signs of hearing loss, it’s important to express your support. There are a …

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Woman with hearing aids drinking coffee in Meriden, CT

Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

The Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia Researchers have discovered a connection between hearing loss and the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Studies have proven a concrete link between the two conditions, but additional research is needed in order to find a solution. However, doctors and hearing healthcare professionals have discovered several theories as …

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Audiologist holding hearing aid in Meriden, CT

Adjusting to Hearing Aids

The Adjustment Period Whether you’re getting hearing aids for the very first time or you’re upgrading to a new pair, you can expect a hearing aid adjustment period. That means it may take several weeks or months before you’re completely used to wearing them – and that’s okay. This is something that everyone has to …

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