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Woman getting hearing tested in Cheshire, CT

Healthy Ears

Tips for Healthy Ears You want to be able to hear your best for many years, that’s why it’s important to take care of your ear health and be proactive about your hearing. Healthy ears mean you will be able to continue hearing your best now and in the future. There are some ways you […]

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Women touching elbows in Meriden, CT

Communicating With a Mask

Tips for Better Communication While Wearing A Face Mask Wearing a face mask when you go outside or interact with other people has become a part of our routine. Although face masks are helpful for preventing the spread of germs and keeping us healthy, they can be an inconvenience for those with hearing loss. Hearing

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Smart hearing aids at Best Life Hearing Center

Smart Hearing Aids

5 Reasons to Switch to a Smart Hearing Aid Smart hearing aids are incredibly powerful, minicomputers. Many hearing aids on the market today are considered to be smart. They offer exceptional sound quality that is on par with normal hearing, as well as are Bluetooth compatible. Smart hearing aids are designed to make your listening

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